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Working as a Freelance Journalist in a competitive climate

Working as a freelance journalist and being on the cutting edge of news reporting can be an exciting career.

But not all journalism is high octane excitement.

Some of the news you report may not be particularly adrenaline pumping and some topics may just be plain boring.

However, should you decide to work as a freelance journalist the job is varied and you could find yourself reporting on any number of topics or events from the latest boat show to current affairs.

A journalist or reporter who is on the media frontline lives in the moment. Reporting the latest news and giving minute-by-minute accounts of the latest developments, he or she’s never far behind with the current trends.

If you are someone who loves to be in the middle of the action, then a career as a freelance journalist may be for you.

This career choice does afford you some flexibility in terms of the type of articles you would like to write.

If you have interests or knowledge of specific topics, you may lean more towards writing about those subjects. You will need to be objective and impartial, but inside knowledge never hurts.

Flexibility of working as a freelance journalist

Having freedom and independence means that you are not only free to choose your own topics but you also are not tied to working specific hours.

Being a freelance journalist means that, unlike your employed counterparts, you are not tied to a contract, you’re absolutely free to work at your own pace and on your own hours.

You don’t have to stay up late-hours in the office and make the long commute home. You simply have to sit down in your home office or retreat to your study.

Your time and workspace are so flexible that you’ll see and feel a significant difference in your lifestyle, and it’s all for the better!

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