Will Ai tools like ChatGPT push writers out?

For those who are starting a career as a freelance writer, the race is on to determine whether tools like Ai software and ChatGPT are there to help or hinder.

The advent of automated tools is undoubtedly having an impact on the writing industry and it can be incredibly difficult to find fairly paid work in today’s market.

As dozens of employees leave their jobs in favour of working their side hustle, or opting to work on a freelance basis, the oversaturation of competition and the abundance of cheap, low-quality writers willing to work for pennies, is making it harder for skilled writers to earn a decent wage.

Currently, there are plenty of options for writers to find paid gigs, content marketing commands a sizeable budget for many well-known brands, and website blogs are still a fantastic way to reach customers, at least for the time being.

Some writers are wondering what the future of the industry will bring, while active marketing channels will always be needed, the fear is that video marketing like TikTok and AI writing tools may begin to limit the need for written content.

That said there is a current need for quality content writers with millions of blogs and articles being published every day. And will Google’s recent helpful content update, being able to craft top-quality, engaging content that is search engine ready is a skill still very much in demand despite the release of Ai tools and automated software like ChatGPT.

Writers seeking work can still do so at a number of websites and source jobs using different places and job-seeking tactics.

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Job sites

Websites like Upwork, GigLeads, Freelancer, and ProBlogger have a wide range of writing gigs available and writers will specialty skills will frequently be able to find work that aligns with their skills.

Social media

Many businesses and individuals use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to advertise their freelance writing needs or to look for work. Places like Facebook groups or Instagram can yield some surprisingly well-paid opportunities.

Content mills

Content mills are websites that offer a large volume of writing assignments at a lower rate.

There can be a bit of snobbery about content mills that churn out large quantities of writing at affordable rates, and they are sometimes looked down on as a low-quality option by seasoned writers.

While the pay may not be as high as other paid writing gigs the fact remains that content mills have a place and match smaller budgets. They can be a good way for new writers to gain experience and build their portfolios.

Working for a content mill will never make you rich, but it can help you to gain valuable knowledge, keep the lights on, and pay the rent.


Building relationships and networking with other writers, industry professionals, and potential clients can be a great way to find writing opportunities.

Local groups, business seminars, expositions, and your city’s Chamber of Commerce can be excellent ways to rub shoulders with business owners and make valuable connections.

Cold pitching

Reaching out to businesses and individuals directly to offer your writing services is known as cold pitching. This can be a time-consuming process, but it can also be a very effective way to find new clients.

Keeping to a routine of sending cold pitches every week can be highly fruitful and you might just find that you are in the right place at the right time to land a lucrative and high-paying writing gig.

Rise of the machines

The rise of AI software has made a significant dent in the number of opportunities that are available for freelance writers, but they may not be quite ready to replace humans just yet.

While these tools can be useful for some basic creation tasks like a social media caption or a product description, they struggle to identify nuances, or display personality and creativity in the way that a human writer can.

So while some budget-conscious companies are opting for Ai tools, seeing it as the cheaper option, those who are invested in the long-term growth and sustainability of their content see Ai as the weaker option.

Google frowns upon automatically created content and states that it goes against their guidelines, however, the race is still on to develop tools that can accurately identify Ai generated content, especially that which has been refined and edited by human hand.

On that basis, it is fair to say that opportunities for freelance writers haven’t dried up yet.

There are plenty of companies and clients who value and are willing to pay for quality content writing for their brand.

GigLeads is a site for freelance writing jobs and remote writers. Find the best jobs from top companies.

Positives of working as a freelance writer

For those who are just beginning as a freelance writer, it can be especially challenging to break into the industry and earn fair pay, but once a writer is established the flow of work shouldn’t prove to be too problematic.

On the positive side, starting a career as a freelance writer comes with a relatively low barrier to entry.

While this no doubt attracts an influx of inexperienced writers who are willing to work for subpar compensation rates, it will not take long for a writer with skills to rise above lower-quality freelancers.

Leaving the race to the bottom in the hands of those writers with neither the capability nor the drive to elevate their standing.

The flexibility and freedom that accompanies freelance work are appealing to many who wish to escape the 9 – 5, and freelancing allows people to self-direct their career or expand their skills as they please.

Not being constrained by the demands of an employer means that alternative career options may be explored or take a different direction entirely.

New ways to make money and previously uncontemplated opportunities may rise to the fore, bringing with them unique and profitable revenue streams.

And while some writers are viewing the growing range of Ai tools with nervous anticipation, others will welcome them; viewing them as a tool to help and support creation and ideation, not hinder it.

Final words

It is clear that the difficulties and challenges facing freelance writers are more prevalent and complex than they were a few years ago.

From the oversaturation of the market to the rise of AI and the pressure to constantly seek out new clients and uncover opportunities that bring a good pay rate, it can be a tough industry to navigate.

However, for the writers willing to persevere, and who have the fortitude to adapt and grow the rewards of being a freelance writer can be well worth it.

With the drive for new and original content increasing and the internet littered with repetitive content that is replete with sameness, it is likely that the separation between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ writers will widen, leaving those at the top of the chain in an elite and highly profitable group.

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