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What Should I Blog About?

Do you ever get stuck on what topics to blog about? You are not alone.

Unless you haven’t been near the internet for about a decade you will know that most Google searches will return many results in the form of blogs as an answer to your question.

If you have considered starting a blog of your own then you will need to determine the topic or niche that you will be blogging about

So what should I blog about? Ideally, this should be something that’s broad enough to provide you with plenty of material and something that you are knowledgeable or passionate about.

This is key. Maintaining a blog takes time and effort so you need to make sure the subject matter is something that compels you or you will lose interest quickly.

Most blog niches nowadays are very competitive or saturated so it’s important to select your topic carefully, do your research and try and come up with a different or unique angle for your blog that will set you apart from the rest. 


what should I blog about

Everyone loves to take a trip or go on vacation. You can start a blog about your own trips and travel, offering thoughts and opinions on places from your own perspective. 

This may be travel as a student or vacations for the over 50’s, the point is to offer a viewpoint that will speak to your site visitors

2. Lifestyle

If you can’t decide on a specific topic then a lifestyle blog can be a good way to go. If you like to write about anything and everything you can divide this type of blog into several smaller categories. 

You can include headings like shopping, dating, the best restaurants, or cities to visit. Basically, anything that takes your fancy. The range is broad so you may want to think about limiting to 4 or 5 categories initially. 

3. Food

choosing a blog topic

We love our grub, don’t we? For this reason, there are literally thousands of food blogs on the internet.

Hoards of people are going out to eat and then snapping a photo of their food before consuming it, all so they can write an article about their experience later.

Similar to the travel category you should be able to bring information to your readers from a unique or unusual perspective. 

4. Beauty

While this category leans heavily towards the female of the species for obvious reasons there is a growing number of male beauty bloggers online.

If you are a man that has a desire to help other men look their best then you still may be able to get started in this category before it gets completely saturated.

You should know about hair and make-up, and be able to offer style tips. This is a category that also does well in vlogging due to its visual nature.

5. Fitness

select a blogging niche

Health and fitness are on most people’s minds and if you have experience as a trainer or some other health-related work experience then you may be able to turn it into a fitness blog.

You should be up to date with the latest industry knowledge and trends and you may want to specialize in the area you are most familiar with.

Whether you are a weight training expert or a yoga guru you can bring your experiences to your readers. 

6. Entrepreneurship

Most people are on the lookout for a side hustle these days. A little extra cash never hurt anyone and if you have some solid ideas about how to make it you could make that into a successful blog.

Helping people make the transition into setting up their own profitable side hustle can be very rewarding. You should be able to communicate things like leadership skills and marketing to your audience. 

7. Fashion

fashion bloggers

Looking your best isn’t always easy. This is where operating a fashion blog shows people what is on the market, what’s in style, and what the latest trends are.

If you are usually on the cutting edge of fashion then this niche is for you.

Keeping up with seasonal changes and clothing trends should be no problem for you. You can also offer styling tips and advice to your readers.

8. How to Blog

A blog about blogging may sound counter-intuitive but the reality is that many successful bloggers make a living by showing newcomers how to get started with their own blog.

Guiding then through the process and giving the steps to get started can be a great way to make your own income. Showing other people how to choose their hosting, set up a WordPress site and do basic SEO, can provide a lot of material.

You can offer training courses on varying topics, and make money from affiliate links too. Not bad,

9. Tech

tech blogs

Technology continues to advance and it’s not going away any time soon. If you are a certified geek and early adopter that loves keeping up with the latest and greatest tech items you can share that information via your own blog. 

Featuring and reviewing items and walking your readers through the new technology or most recent gadgets can be a viable blogging platform and a good choice when deciding ‘what should I blog about?’

10. Money

Money is always around and we never seem to have enough. If you can communicate ways that help people get more cash into their own pockets then this is a niche you will excel in.

Showing people various money making methods or explaining ways to earn is always a popular blog niche. Here you can make money from traffic, affiliate marketing, training courses, or one on one lessons.


Whatever subject you choose to blog about, make sure it’s one that you know and will not tire of easily. It takes time to build a blog and promote it, but once you are seeing good traffic there are many options for monetization. Determining your niche is the first step so give it careful consideration and choose your area of expertise wisely.