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What is content creation? Find out here

Simply put content creation is exactly what it sounds. The process of generating content for use on your website, blog, or social media pages.

Many people choose to handle this themselves but with the demands of SEO and blogging a growing number of people are choosing to outsource these tasks to experts.

Content creation for your blog

what is content creation

If you have run a blog of your own you will know that the reality is nowhere near as glamorous as the idea. It takes real hard work and dedication to build and grow a blog.

Suddenly you have gone from the fantasy of creating great content that people will love and engage with to the reality of keyword research, SEO optimization, blog writing and posting to multiple social media accounts.

All while trying to build an audience, network with other bloggers, and slog away at backlink building. 

Running a blog takes time

blog content creation

With a task list like that, it is no wonder that people are turning to professionals to handle their content creation. They know, that even though their content is important there are literally a ton of other tasks they can be doing to optimize and promote their website.

Over time most pro bloggers realize that writing articles and posts are just a small part of their overall web presence.

Outsourcing your content creation

The biggest challenge faced when outsourcing your content creation needs is finding a writer that is professional, reliable, and most importantly, able to write quality content in a tone of voice (tov) that reflects your company or brand.

While there are good writers out there it is no good using one that has a humorous and light style of writing if your subject matter is a critical illness or a similarly serious topic.

Therefore when searching for a writer it is always a good idea to request samples and commission a test piece so you can determine if your new writer aligns well with your company or brand message.

It’s not about a ‘wrong’ or a ‘right’ way of writing, but more about finding a content creator that is a fit.

When should I outsource my content creation?

outsource content writing

There is no definitive answer to when or how often you should be outsourcing your content creation. This will vary by blogger depending on their needs. Some bloggers start a blog and move to professional content creation almost immediately.

Others manage a huge amount of writing by themselves and prefer to feel that they are remaining connected with their audience. If you do decide to outsource your content creation it is important to remember that you are investing in yourself and your blog.

By letting a professional generate your articles you can focus on the multitude of other tasks that come along with operating a blog or website.

How do I find a good content creator?

If you have created a healthy network with other bloggers you can ask them who they use for their content creation needs. Alternatively, you could seek a professional writer to outsource work to from websites like Upwork, Fiverr, or GigLeads – specifically for writing jobs.

There are many good writers on these websites but sometimes finding them can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The issue is that although you may be able to source an effective writer you may still struggle to find someone that really captures your style and tone. 

Should I use a professional content creation service?

professional content creation

That’s where professional writing or content services come in. While outsourcing your content creation needs to a company may seem a bit old school these days it can actually be highly beneficial.

It will allow you to cut out the process of finding a writer and then discovering they are not suitable. It gives you a direct relationship with a highly professional content creation agency and saves time and money in the long run. 

Using a style guide for content creation

The more information you can provide your content creator with, the more you are likely to get a quality article written. If you get it right the finished piece should look very close to something that you have written yourself.

This is where style guides come in to communicate important information that will aid in content creation.

These are items like:

  • Heading
  • Subheadings
  • Word Count
  • Writing Style (light, witty, serious, authoritative, etc)
  • Keywords or keyword phrases
  • Links to be included

You can also send a couple of your own articles so that your content creator can get an idea of the way that you write and format your blog articles. 

Refining created content

editing writing

Once your writer provides you with a draft of your article hopefully spell and punctuation checked, you should read it thoroughly and be prepared to make suggestions for edits or adjustments. 

Provided that the writer has done their job properly and you have supplied an effective style guide, any alterations should be minimal.

Most writers will allow 1 or 2 rounds of editing before closing the final piece. As you move forward and your content creator becomes increasingly familiar with your style the need for edits should diminish. 


If you are able to outsource your content creation you should absolutely give it a try. Not only will it save you time, but it can also become a valuable tool in your arsenal when it comes to the operation of your blog.