Find a UK freelance writer for your content creation

Looking to hire a freelance writer but need one that’s based in the UK? Here’s how to do it.

Take a quick look at the online jobsite or browse one of the many freelance platforms and you will see that copywriters are in high demand.

There are thousands of websites that have added a blog as a way to drive traffic and connect with their customers.

Not to mention the huge number of people that blog for a living.

You almost can’t search for anything online without finding a blog that someone has written about it.

There are multiple blogs to be found on the topics of

  • Digital Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Health and Fitness

While there are literally thousands of blogs on any given subject it can be tricky to find ones based in the UK, and even trickier to find a UK based freelance writer to perform work for you.

While there is no shortage of UK freelancer writers their numbers are smaller than those based in the USA or Asia.

Meaning the British contingent can sometimes be overshadowed by their counterparts in other locales.

Why would I need a UK freelance writer?

uk freelancing

There are a few reasons for wanting a freelance writer that is based in the UK.

It could be that your articles are targeted specifically to the UK market or maybe you write about UK-based travel or business.

In this situation hiring someone from the country in question makes sense.

Not only will UK freelancer writers they understand the English language and all its nuances they may be more aware of things like:

  • Culture
  • Sayings or colloquialisms
  • Specific area problems or challenges
  • Area employers
  • Local interest or features
  • Historical impact of events

Use a Freelance Platform

uk freelance writer job platforms

While this sounds like a no-brainer the truth is that many freelance platforms are swamped with jobs and freelancers from other countries.

But there are some platforms that are based in the UK and so attract more people from the country.

GigLeads is a job search site for freelance writers that has a searchable directory of qualified freelancers and offers free job posting to clients.

Its freelancers are 100% UK based so it’s a great place to start your search for a UK freelance writer.

Search Google My Business for a UK freelance writer

google my business search

Another logical step is to search Google My Business for UK based freelance writers or agencies that are operating in your local area.

Google my Business is a powerful tool for local search and if there is anybody in your local area you can be they are on there.

Listings also have the added benefit of linking to provider’s websites and displaying reviews from clients so you can see how well they have performed in the past.

It is an excellent way to find a quality service provider for your writing needs.

Check Facebook Groups for UK freelance writers

facebook groups for uk freelance writer

Facebook groups are a great place to find and connect with a UK freelance writer that can create content for you.

A quick search will reveal several business or freelancing groups that are based in the UK.

Typically the most it will cost you to join is answering a couple of simple qualification questions, then you’re in.

Once you can access the group you will be able to see which members are the most active and knowledgeable, providing advice to newer members or advertising their service.

Thanks to Facebook Messenger you will be able to connect directly with your UK freelance writer and have the opportunity to ask them questions.

Ask Colleagues or Friends

Everyone has has some work done for them at sometime, or outsourced their tasks so its worth asking around among your friends and colleagues.

If they have used a UK freelance writer to provide articles for them, they will be more than happy to give you a name and an on-the-spot review of the writer’s work. Good or bad.

If your friend gives the writer a glowing reference you’re on to a winner. If they complain bitterly about their lack of professionalism or quality of work then you’re probably best giving that particular writer a wide berth and looking elsewhere.

Search Linkedin and ask for referrals

linkedin referrals for uk freelance writer recommendations

Linkedin is the social networking platform for professionals and many UK freelance writers make their entire living from the connections they make on there.

Professional networks of business contacts are plentiful on Linkedin and everybody knows somebody.

Connecting with the right group and asking for a reliable UK freelance writer will most like yield several names from interlinked business professionals.

Linkedin (like Facebook) gives you the ability to message people directly so you are able to fire a message and ask any questions that you have.

Final words

For the most part, there is no reason why a writer from another country can perform your work satisfactorily. But if for some of the reasons mentioned in the article you absolutely have to have a UK freelance writer, then these tips will help you source the best ones.


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