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Is GigLeads only for writers?

GigLeads began as a service to supply job leads for content writers and copywriters. However, we will soon be adding jobs for graphic designers, social media managers, and website designers.

What kind of writers is GigLeads suitable for?

GigLeads supplies job listings for a broad scope of writers. We have members that are generalists, bloggers, technical writers, content writers, and copywriters. To give you a chance to try GigLeads without any risk we offer a low-cost trial membership…

What happens when my trial expires?

If you choose to keep your GigLeads account you will be billed the standard monthly fee at the end of the trial period. This amount will be charged monthly to the card that you sign up with. If you cancel…

How do I cancel my GigLeads account?

You are under no obligation to continue with your membership with GigLeads. You may cancel your account at any time. Access the account cancellation page directly from your account page or by clicking the link to the cancellation page HERE.…

How do I post a new job?

Simply sends us details of your job HERE Once your job listing has been checked and approved it will be added to the GigLeads listings and you will be able to receive applications.