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Repurpose content to drive higher engagement

If you spend a good amount of your time creating quality articles, did you know that you can repurpose your blog content? You can do this it in all kinds of ways to drive more engagement?

The accepted method of blogging is to create an article, then post it to your website for visitors to read.

But if your content holds value then it is worth using it to expand your reach even further.

Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Use a Sharing Plugin to repurpose blog content

repurpose blog content

An easy way to repurpose blog content and get it circulating around social media, is to make it extremely easy to share.

Allowing your blogs to be shared means readers can instantly repost a link to your content on their own accounts.

There are many sharing plugins available that will help your readers accomplish this task with just 1-click.

If your readers have a large audience this can be an effective way to gain more traffic.

Make it Tweetable

tweet blog content

Similar to a sharing plugin this handy tool makes relevant facts or quotes easily tweetable from your blog.

Your readers share the information to their account and the quote should pique interest among their followers.

Hopefully this ‘teaser’ encourages them to click through to your site and read the full article. 

If the tweet works well your blog content may be repurposed and retweeted out to a much wider audience. Enhancing your traffic.

Repurpose blog content by making it quotable

An excellent way to repurpose your blog content is to use quotes from your article and share it on social media. A great tool for this is MissingLettr.

This tool performs a search of your articles, then generates social media posts by combining interesting snippets with a photo.

You can vary the image and the quote as you choose. Creating a campaign that can then be delivered over a period of days, weeks, or months.

Turn content into a longer form piece like an ebook

turn blogs into ebooks

Depending on how in-depth your topic is, you may be able to repurpose your blog content and use it as the basis for an ebook.

This will allow you to perform a deeper dive into the subject matter and provide detailed information to your audience. 

Writing an ebook also gives you the ability to monetize the work if you so choose.

Sites like Amazon KDP mean that you can upload your book and be paid for anyone that buys or reads it. 

Allow influencers to share your content

As an alternative to repurposing your blog’s content on social media, you can persuade influencers to share your posts with their own audience.

This works well if you can partner with influencers in the same niche, and demonstrate value to their followers.

This is not necessarily a monetary value but could be information or a unique angle on the influencer’s topic.

Turn your content into a vlog

blog to vlogs

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine after Google and video platforms like TikTok are rising rapidly.

Repurpose your blog content by converting it into a vlog. A video blog is a way to reach a whole new audience and build a list of subscribers.

It is a great medium that allows you to engage with your audience on a more personal level.

There is no limit to the amount of detail you can include on your vlog.

You can also enhance the watcher experience with custom graphics, links, and music. 

Repurpose your content into a Podcast

If you have the kind of face that’s made for radio and don’t relish the thought of hopping in from of the camera, you can always consider doing a podcast or a podcast series.

Many people prefer the spoken word over the written word. So this may be a way to repurpose your blog content and reach users that you have not been able to engage before.

Using your blogs as a basis, share the articles with your audience.

To add extra interest you can interview people on your podcast, collaborate with other influencers, or invite a guest speaker. 

Share pins from your content on Pinterest

repurpose blogs and shareon pinterest

Many bloggers gain a huge amount of traffic from Pinterest. The platform has become a viable traffic driver in recent years.

There are a number of free and low-cost courses available online. Many from successful bloggers, that can show new pinners exactly how to create pins that will drive engagement.

Free tools like Canva can be useful, and custom graphics and blog content can be repurposed and shared on Pinterest.

Design an Infographic to repurpose your content

what is an infographic

Infographics are shareable, graphic, and text images that convey information at a glance.

These can be step by step guides, how to’s and similar formats. Canva can also be used to design infographics and there are free templates available.

Consider repurposing your popular blog content and reduce the article into a series of simple steps.

Infographics are notoriously shareable and pinnable and they can be a great way to repurpose your blog quickly.

Invite users to a webinar

If your blog posts are gaining a large amount of attention, it may be worth hosting a webinar.

This gives users a chance to engage with you, ask questions, and learn more about the subject at hand.

It is also a great way to repurpose your blog content and connect with your audience on a personal level whilst sharing your expertise.

It is an effective way to display information from other articles you have written and share them with your audience.

Repurpose old articles by updating

rewrite and repurpose older blog posts

An often overlooked method of getting more mileage from older content is simply by updating the old information and repurposing content into a new blog.

You have probably seen many of these blogs while surfing the internet.

For example, if you wrote a blog in 2016 about ‘Best social media practices for businesses’ you may want to review the article and update any outdated information.

Then retitle it as ‘Best social media practices for business: updated for 2020’ or similar, and share it across your social media channels. 

Serialize your emails

You can feed information in bite-sized chunks to your audience to keep them engaged. One way to do this is by repurposing your blog content into multiple, smaller sections.

This can span as many days as you like but its probably best not to do too many or the interest will drop away. 

Using one of your blog articles as a basis you can squeeze more life out of it by using sections for your emails and adding further engaging details like photos, facts, or quotes.

This can work well for email sign-ups and gaining new followers.

Repurpose content in a Round-up

round up blog content

If you have a good number of blog posts you can repurpose content into a round-up post or an ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) piece.

This can be posted on your website or social media, or used in your email marketing campaigns.

It is a good way to expose a large amount of content at once.

Many businesses send out a round-up email each month to their followers listing all the articles posted over the past 4 weeks. 

Create a presentation

If you have a post that contains many useful facts, statistics, and information then you can repurpose this blog content by creating a presentation.

Use a photo editing software package to generate sides, again Canva can be used for this purpose.

Then you can share the completed show not only on your own social media but on sites like Slideshare that feature presentations.

Final words

Resist the urge to create a blog then move immediately to the next one. Consider how your article could contain value and be shared with a wider audience.

If the blog contains detailed information then a webinar or podcast may be the way to go. If it contains a lot of data then a presentation or email might suit best.

Whichever you decide, try and assess where the value is in your blog. Strive to share that with a wider audience to successfully increase engagement.