New Blogger? Get started fast with this walkthrough

As a brand new blogger sometimes the amount of information and choices out there can be overwhelming.

There are two types of people when it comes to starting a blog.

The ones who are serious about it, and those who just never get around to it.

As a new blogger, it is important to start on the right track and stay motivated.

One of the biggest choices is new blogger faces is in choosing a blog category.

This can be travel, food, or something broader like a lifestyle blog.

This guide will simplify the process for you as a new blogger, regardless of your blog category.

New Blogger Basics

new blogger

Before we review the steps let’s consider why you should start a new blog.

Why get started as a new blogger? Why is beginning a blog relevant to your business or any other endeavors?

It can be a bit overwhelming, to begin with, but it can reap benefits and promote your business or service successfully online.

And for a new blogger, it is a great way to connect with an audience.

It can be hard work so why should you, or any other new blogger, put in the effort and try it? Well, here’s why.

Writing as a new blogger

Blogging often improves your writing skills. It allows you to practice writing more often and fine-tunes your skills.

Even as a new blogger, regular writing improves your communication and makes you able to express yourself better.

Your dialogue with other people is a skill that employers look for, and having a blog can quickly make your resume more attractive.

Make sure you speak to your audience in a language they understand and be relevant.

With practice, you will progress from being a new blogger to an expert in no time.

Blogging helps you rank on Google

new blogger analytics

Even if you are a new blogger, you will probably recognize that Google plays a vital role when it comes to business.

In most cases, it is how clients find you online.

However, Google has so many listings that it has to have a way to rank them. And it will strive to rank the best listings first.

It is a proven fact that websites that blog more often have a better chance of ranking higher.

So for a new blogger, this gives an opportunity to create compelling content and get it listed.

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Blogging creates Followers and Clients

When you engage with people on your blog, you have a higher chance of gaining followers, even as a brand new blogger.

These followers are often the people who ultimately buy your products and your services.

Effective blogging is about building your own customer base and creating relevancy. (more about that in another blog).

Through your own blog, you can quickly become an authority on the subject matter, even if you are a new blogger.

Build credibility as a new blogger

new blogger

As you write about your subject readers learn that they can depend on you for their information needs.

You become an AUTHORITY and you can achieve this even as a new blogger.

As a result more readers visit your blog and more website owners link to your site.

As companies and professional organizations notice the growth of your readership base, they may get in touch with you for advertising.

They could also make you an affiliate, which pays for every referral from your blog site.

For a new blogger, this can be a nice way to earn a bit of money.

How do you get started as a New Blogger?

Blogging seems like a daunting task but it isn’t if you know what to do. When you are a new blogger the hardest part can be setting up your blog.

After that, everything gets a bit easier.

You can create content every day, or every week, whatever best suits your schedule.

Your content should relevant to the subject matter of your blog, that’s why your visitors clicked on it, right?

As a new blogger, these tips will help you get started.

Goal setting for a new blogger

goal setting

You need to set both short and long term goals for your blog. It will help you to stay on track as a brand new blogger.

Your goals are what keep your blog active and help you to rank on the search engines.

The entire process of creating your blog isn’t that difficult. Follow this guide to set up your new blog.

Get a website host

The host is the home of your blog. It’s where it lives on the internet.

There are a HUGE amount of hosts out there and they can vary by price depending on your needs.

For a new blogger, it is worth paying a host that included a 1-click WordPress install to keep things simple.

Domain name selection as a new blogger

The next step is to get your domain name.

There are plenty of places that offer access to domains and offer hosting for a new blogger.

Once you have your host, you will be able to add more domain names to it as needed.

Make sure your domain name is a TLD (top-level domain) like a .com or .net.

They rank better in Google. Keep your name as short and catchy as possible.

New blogger WordPress installation

Install your WordPress on your domain name. All you have to do is to locate the WordPress button and click it for hosts that offer 1 click install.

This makes the WordPress installation and set up much easier for a new blogger.

Follow the onscreen prompts and fill out all the information required.

Make sure the username name and password that you use for your blog are unique and secure.

No new blogger wants to get their website hacked so make sure your password is strong enough.

Site design

blog design

Now you want to make your blog look great.

Use the free templates provided by WordPress and create compelling visuals that will make your blog stand out.

There are also a number of free themes available depending on your needs.

A good place to start is Blossom/Rara Themes.

They provide beautiful responsive themes that are easy to customize and work perfectly for a new blogger.

Set up your email Opt-in form

This is especially important because it is how you gather followers, and as a new blogger you will need those.

Your opt-in form is where users click to receive your newsletters and must be present in your blog.

Usually, it already comes included with your theme, but you can change the call to action to suit you.

Once visitors sign up, keep the newsletters coming to drive engagement. An easy tool for a new blogger to create newsletters is Mailchimp.

You can also use a lead magnet to attract people to sign up.

This can be a bit tricky for a new blogger but there are lots of articles online that can help you.

You could give your readers something to download for free for example.

This is a great idea for a brand new blogger and it provides a trigger that grows your audience.

You don’t want to be blogging to yourself, do you?

Create your content

The next step is for you to start writing some quality content that is relevant to your readers.

Even as a new blogger you can write tons of articles. You can create short or long content, and make it as detailed as you like.

Blogs around 1000 words have proven effective and can keep your audience engaged.

Make sure that whatever you post is tailored towards solving a problem for your audience.

This way, even as a new blogger, you will have them coming back for more.


Some of these tips and suggestions should make life a bit easier for a new blogger, and cut through some of the hard work.

These blog basics for beginners will help you as a new blogger and motivate you to begin your site!

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