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Can GigLeads really help me to find the best writing jobs in the UK?

Well, yes we can. We search the internet everyday for writing jobs on all different kinds of websites. Freelance, remote, full time, and contract work to bring you the best possible opportunities.

Once all writing jobs are collected and collated, we check and verify each one for quality, and sift out anything that is low quality, leaving you with only the best writing jobs available. We estimate our jobs to be the top 3% of everything posted online.

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Being a copywriter, or a content creator often means sourcing your own work and finding new clients. That can time consuming. We help you to access the best UK writing jobs, faster!

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“I disliked paying commissions on my work, GigLeads solved that problem for me.”

James A


“Great to see a platform that is just for writers. Saves a lot of time searching other job sites.”

Steph L


“I have applied for a few jobs from the platform. It’s easy to use and I like that jobs are updated every day.”

Kyra W


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