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Increase your Subscribers on Youtube

Creating quality videos is not all you need to do to get the most subscribers on Youtube.

Even if your content is good there is a lot of competition, and everyone wants the number one spot

Over 80% of all USA internet users watch video content every month.

That’s a huge number of hits, and YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine.

To get the most subscribers on YouTube you will need to create content that engages and attracts viewers. 

Here I will show you how to get the most subscribers on YouTube by expertly optimizing your video content.

get the most subscribers on youtube

Optimize your SEO

Anyone who blogs or manages a website will be familiar with the term SEO or search engine optimization.

This is the method of structuring content to make it rank as high as possible.

And for YouTube, to get the most subscribers possible.

When creating content, good SEO is vital for your content to display in search results and rank as high as possible. 

To improve the number of subscribers you get on YouTube, the same applies. 

Good SEO makes videos appear higher in search results and will get you more traffic.

YouTube content reaches a vast number of people, and due to this, a lot of time and money is invested in perfecting SEO methods.

Try these tactics and tools to help you get more subscribers on YouTube.

Get the most subscribers on YouTube with Keyword Planning.

To get more subscribers on YouTube you will need to know what your audience is looking for. 

Google Ads Keyword Planner gives insights into search terms and volumes over a set period of time.

Meaning that you can identify the topics that are attracting the most interest.

Videos can be optimized to gain maximum traffic and get the most subscribers on YouTube.

Select your keywords, choose dates, and you will receive a table of results.

This will provide data like the volume of searches for your chosen terms.

Additionally, it will display variations of each term and corresponding searches.

From here you will be able to identify the best terms to use.

most subscribers on youtube

Using the data provided by Google Ads Planner, filter by volume, competition, and bids.

This will show how hard or easy it may be to optimize for specific words or phrases.

Your keyword selection will impact your ability to attract the most subscribers on YouTube.

Utilize video tags

Video tags are an important factor when you want to get the most subscribers possible on YouTube.

Tags give information about your video content, context, and subject matter.

Video Tags are a key factor in YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

The good news is that adding tags is a simple process.

Upload your video to the YouTube dashboard and go to the sections that allow you to provide information about your content.

Specifically, Title, Descriptions, and Tags. Enter words and phrases that describe your video’s content.

Sections are highlighted in the image below.

most subscribers and viewers on youtube channel

You can use multiple tags, but the exact term you want to rank for should be first on the list.

To get the most subscribers on YouTube use both broad and narrow search terms for tags.

Include variations around your primary search term.

For example, if your video is about ‘best SEO tips’ you might want to include similar phrases.

  • Best SEO tips (the first tag should always be your primary search term)
  • SEO tips for YouTube
  • Top tips for SEO results
  • Best SEO hacks
  • SEO tags
  • How to use SEO 

Remember not to overstuff tags, YouTube likes to keep it simple.

Keep to around 5 or 6 tags that give an accurate description of your video’s content.

Get the most subscribers on YouTube with titles and descriptions

Clear and descriptive titles for videos will help them rank better and get you the most subscribers on YouTube.

Titles should accurately reflect the content and always include your primary search term.

Keep titles short, relevant and to the point.

Titles help YouTube understand the content of your video. It is the first thing viewers see when searching for a topic.

Creating titles that are exciting, attention-grabbing, and clickable is imperative to getting the most subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Another way to get higher numbers of subscribers on YouTube is with video descriptions.

These are another opportunity to optimize your content and rank higher in results.

When you upload your video and added a title and tags, descriptions can be written in the field provided.

An eye-catching description can go a long way towards getting the most YouTube subscribers.

Things to pay attention to when optimizing your titles and descriptions are –

  • Primary keywords in the title and description
  • Name video file as primary keyword
  • Keep titles short, fun, and engaging. 
  • Keep the description to 150 words
  • Link to related content
  • Use descriptive hashtags

Get the most subscribers on your Youtube channel with Cards

Next time you watch a YouTube video pay attention to the tiny cards that appear on the screen.

These small rectangular icons are YouTube cards that direct viewers to other related videos.

Cards generate engagement and help to get the most subscribers possible on your YouTube channel, but remember to keep them relevant to the video being currently viewed. 

YouTube cards can be designed to appear at any time during your video.

To create cards access your YouTube account and choose the video you want to make cards for.

Select the ‘edit’ function and choose ‘cards’ on the navigation bar. 

Click ‘add card’ and enter the title and the text you wish to display. YouTube will automatically suggest an image, or you can upload one of your own.

Click ‘create card’ and specify the time that you want the card to display in your video and you’re done.

Creating YouTube cards is easy and makes your content engaging, and interactive.

It is a great way to get the most subscribers to stay on your YouTube channel.

Links and images make cards more compelling, so make sure you use them.

Up to 5 cards can be made per video. 

Cards are not limited to only promoting video content. This versatile feature can be used to drive traffic to several different areas like – 

  • Playlists
  • Other channels
  • External Links
  • Donations to featured non-profits
  • Opinion Polls

A popular use for cards on YouTube is to push subscribers to the next video in a series.

Cards typically pop up at the end of the video to encourage viewers to view the next installment.

Keep YouTube cards short, concise, catchy, and most importantly; relevant. 

Use Thumbnails to get the most subscribers on YouTube

Thumbnails are small visual pictures that are intended to attract viewers to your videos.

They are accessed via your YouTube account dashboard.

When you upload a video YouTube will automatically create thumbnails for you. However, these may not best represent your content so you may want to add your own.

Customize video thumbnails to be as compelling and visually appealing as you can.

Most subscribers click on a YouTube video because the thumbnail reflected what they were searching for. 

To customize your thumbnails go to your YouTube dashboard. Choose a video that you have uploaded.

You will see 3 thumbnails that YouTube has generated.

To change it, click on the ‘custom thumbnail’ button and upload a new image. Select save and the new custom thumbnail will be created.

YouTube Thumbnails are a mini representation of your video.

They are important as they are visible on YouTube or in places like Google video search.

Thumbnails have to meet a few YouTube specifications.

  • Aspect ratio needs to be 16:9
  • Less than 2MB image size
  • GIF, PNG, or JPEG format
  • 640 pixels max width
  • 1280 x 720 pixels max dimensions

YouTube branding to get the most subscribers

Branding your YouTube channel makes you and your content instantly recognizable. 

It is a way to identify and define yourself and set you apart from other channels and content creators.

If done correctly, branding your channel will attract the most subscribers on YouTube and should inspire trust and recognition.

Successful branding will mean thinking about how you want to be viewed.

Are you humorous, informative, relaxed, or serious, or friendly?

To get the most subscribers on your YouTube channel,  think about the message you want to convey. 

Many successful branding campaigns use graphics and logos to create a look that is consistent and easily recognized by followers.

Free tools like Canva can help to make attractive designs and logos.

Check out other influencers in your niche to see how they format and structure their images and photos as a theme.

Generate quality content 

create quality video content

The quality of content directly affects ranking and views.

Getting the most subscribers to your YouTube channel will take real effort.

Do not take shortcuts when creating your content.

Quality matters to your viewers and will impact the performance of your channel.

A video will not retain viewers if it has a poor resolution or a sound recording that is difficult to hear.

Pay attention to things like background, distractions, quality, lighting, and effects.

Graphics are attractive and a great way to keep your audience engaged. Include compelling images or data charts. 

You should be aiming to generate a clear, high-resolution video, with excellent sound quality and little to no background noise.

Limit echos and static and keep any sound effects or music to a minimum – too many can look unprofessional.

Build your community

When trying to get the most subscribers on YouTube it is essential to keep the momentum going to retain your current followers and gain new ones.

Audience Interaction drives engagement and can encourage shares and likes of your content, promoting it to a wider range of viewers.

Make your audience feel like they are an important part of your channel by welcoming them to your group.

Respond to comments, and invite opinions. Set a schedule and try to connect with subscribers regularly.

People get used to routines and interacting with your audience is no different.

Manage likes and comments on a regular basis and don’t leave long periods with no engagement or your subscribers will lose interest.

Collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche

Building your community doesn’t only mean connecting with your own audience.

Successful YouTubers get noticed by partnering with other influencers.

This creates a network that promotes additional traffic flow between users.

You can create this type of network by subscribing to channels similar to your own and leaving frequent likes and comments.

This is an effective way to increase visibility and get the most subscribers on to your own YouTube channel. 

To attract a specific influencer give them a mention in your own video.

You can recommend relevant content that the influencer has posted that your own audience may benefit from.

Often this will induce a mention in return.

Collaborate with popular YouTubers to create new content. This can drive new viewers for both of you.

Collaborations work extremely well for many influencers. 

Promote your Youtube channel across social media platforms

promote videos on social media

Once you have created quality video content and uploaded it, you should start getting some likes and followers.

To get the most subscribers on YouTube you can promote your videos to additional audiences.

The goal of video content is to get the most subscribers on to your YouTube channel. So don’t be shy about sharing your content for more exposure.

Share your own videos and other influencer’s content to widen your scope.

Videos can be embedded into blogs and shared in newsletters, or posted on your website.

Gifs and screenshots can be used across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Analyze your YouTube stats

Getting noticed on YouTube is great, and watching likes, views, and comments roll in is a wonderful feeling.

But now you will want to improve on those initial numbers.

To get the most subscribers on YouTube, use their analytics. They will provide valuable metrics information about your channel.

Analytics data can be found on your YouTube dashboard and provides insights into your video’s performance.

These can include items like watch time reports, views and duration. 

You will be able to view metrics for likes and dislikes, the number of subscribers, and audience interactions.

Analytics data will show what is appealing to your viewers and the content that gets the most engagement.

This information can be used to adjust and optimize underperforming videos.

It can also be leveraged to create more content that resonates well with your viewers.


To get the most subscribers on YouTube you will need a blend of determination and content creation skills.

Content can be made relatively easily for YouTube by using a laptop or mobile phone camera.

Getting your videos to rank is a different story.

Making sure your videos are completely optimized for titles and tags will help you get the most subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Use the tips in this article to optimize your content, gain more views, and rank higher in YouTube’s search results.