Demand Higher Writing Rates in 2023 (without losing clients)

Have you considered how to increase your freelance rates in 2023?

Most freelancers are guilty of not charging enough for the work that they perform. When first starting a business it can be tempting to charge lower rates for the jobs that are done, however as you grow and expand you may need to consider charging higher rates for the work that you provide.

This can leave many freelance writers with a problem, namely, how do you increase rates on clients that have been with you for a long period of time? Even though this might seem like a bit of a minefield there are a few different ways of handling it that can make it a straightforward transaction for everybody involved.

Things to consider before you increase your 2023 freelance rates

It is likely that when you first began your freelance writing career, you were trying to gain clients and build experience in your chosen profession.

Like many other freelancers that are just starting out, you have probably charged lower rates to try and attract clients and encourage them to use your services. This can be a helpful business tactic in the early days,  but later on, it can start to cause you problems.

Fast forward to present day in 2023 and you may need to think about an increase in your freelance rates.

If you are a few years into the game, then you may need to take time to reassess your freelance writing rates. If you’re providing a quality service delivered in a timely manner that takes advantage of your expertise, then you should no longer be in the position of being a newbie in the field or trying to drum up business.

It can also be worth taking the time to research the rates of your competitors. You might be surprised to find that the price you are charging is way below the average.  If this is the case then you may be able to raise your rates to be lower than your competition, but that still boosts your income.

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Increase your freelance writing rates in 2023 

Money can be tricky, and even sometimes uncomfortable. But handling a rate increase for your freelance clients in 2023 doesn’t have to be completely awkward, it can be made simple by following a few rules that will help you present a good case to your customers

Have confidence in your abilities

discussing a rate increase with freelance clients

First and foremost you will need to have confidence in the work that you provide. Before determining if a freelance rate increase in 2023 is justified, you will need to take an honest assessment of your work and business.

If you are providing a quality service, the people you work for will recognise that.  If you have built a good clientele and regularly received positive feedback then having faith in your own abilities should not be difficult.

Make 2023 the year that you get paid what you are really worth for freelance writing services.

Sharing good reviews, and make sure they are posted on your website so that future clients can see what other businesses and companies think of your work.

Depending on the rates you are charging it can also help to justify the pricing level that you set going forward into 2023

Don’t over-explain your freelance writing rates

There’s an old saying that less is more, and in the case of a rate increase, this is perfectly true. As you are requesting more money from your clients in 2023 it can be wise to explain this clearly and succinctly, while keeping it as short as possible.

The more you try to justify or explain your decision, the more you are leaving yourself open to being questioned, and you may even manage to talk yourself completely out of raising prices at all.

Some freelancers, when raising their business rates, prefer to communicate this by email. This gives their clients the opportunity to read, digest, and understand what is being proposed before responding. 

This works very well as it gives clients that adequate time to consider your 2023 rate increase and often realise that it is a completely fair proposal when they are not under pressure to respond. 

Communicating your 2023 freelance writing rate increases fairly and calmly often results in a postive outcome.

Be specific about 2023 payment dates and terms

You will need to be clear about the new details of any payments or terms that are changing. When planning an increase to your freelance rates in 2023 you will need to convey some important information.

Things like when you expect invoicing to take place, payments to be made, or installments to be deposited, will need to be laid out clearly and simply, in your new 2023 freelance rate proposal.

The last thing you want is to get right up to the payment due date and realise that you haven’t received funds because the client misunderstood the new rules.

Your client needs to be clear about what the new payment terms are and how the transfer of money should be handled.

Be prepared to lose one or two clients

On rare occasions,  you may find that by proposing a rate increase you get some pushback from one or two of your older clients. If these clients are reasonable business people they will understand that rates cannot remain the same for years in a row when they are receiving top standard work.

That’s not to say that they love the new idea, but they should at least understand it.

Clients that push back hard and start to demand explanations of why they should be charged more, or in extreme cases state that they will refuse to pay or go elsewhere, then it may be wise to let them go. 

Even though no one likes to lose clients, ones that are not prepared to pay you what you’re worth simply do not see the value in the work that you provide. So they may not be clients that you want to keep in the long-term as your business expands into 2023 and beyond.

For the most part, and provided you have done your research correctly on competitor pricing, what you are asking for shouldn’t be too far outside of the typical market price. Remember you are only asking for what you are worth and what is fair

Consider specialising in 2023

Even though it’s tempting to take on any and every client, once you have been in business for a few years it may serve you better to specialise in a specific area or industry. Maybe you’re an expert in the medical field or have extensive logistics experience?

Your in-depth knowledge can provide real, long-term value to clients. Having someone that is a seasoned expert in their business is like having an ace up their sleeve. 

It also means that you can charge higher rates for the work that you are providing in 2023 as you have now moved on from being a general freelance writer to being a writer that provides real insights and fact-checked information for a specific industry or business sector.

Freelance writers that specialise can generally charge more than their counterparts and boost their writing rates in 2023.


If you are starting out as a freelance writer, take the time to carefully consider what your writing rates will be in 2023 before you agree to submit work.

If you’ve been in business for a while, then it may be time to take a long hard look at your fees and decide if it is time to increase your freelance rates in 2023.

For seasoned freelance writers, manage your client’s expectations, and don’t be afraid to point out that your provide quality timely work and that your freelance writing rates are in line with the 2023 business climate and work requested.

Finally, 2023 looks to be a great year for freelance writers, use the opportunity to grow and move your business forward this year!

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