Freelance writing jobs – Find the best ones with less effort

If you are looking for freelance writing jobs and need some ideas to locate paid work, then this article will help you in your search.

More than a few people have embarked upon the path of becoming a freelance writer. During the Covid19 pandemic, people and families assessed their work-life balance and decided it was time to make a few changes.

The result was a more needs-based approach to life. Part-time jobs were left, homes were downsized and that second car? Gone.

Hundreds of people left gainful employment to work for themselves, open their own business or operate on a freelance basis. It was no wonder that the event was christened ‘The Great Resignation’ as employees submitted their month’s notice by the thousand.

If you were one of the people who decided to tell your boss where to shove it, then you may have found that working as a writer on a freelance basis suits your needs best.

And why not?

Working as a freelance writer usually means that jobs are varied, hours are flexible, and you can work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.

While that all sounds positive, and it can be, there is possibly just one drawback to working as a writer, and that is, finding paid freelance writing jobs and gigs.

There are plenty out there, or so it seems, but will so for many operating on a freelance basis, getting the first pick of the best freelance writing jobs can sometimes be challenging. So to keep the income flowing, you will need to stand out from the crowd and offer a bit more than the average scribe.

Here are some ideas you can use to target and attract clients willing to pay top dollar for your writing work.

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Find freelance writing jobs using cold emails

One of the best ways to formally introduce yourself to companies is by way of a well-worded email. But, because of data protection rules, you can’t just go firing off emails to anybody and everybody.

What is permitted is sending B2B emails, so identify the correct email addresses for businesses that you would like to present your services to, and send a well-crafted email.

Your message should be short and to the point, but it should convey the fact that you are available for freelance writing jobs and demonstrate how you are best placed to create content for their website.

Pitch to companies advertising freelance writing jobs

Not all that different from an email but this is a more formalised way of presenting your proposal to a company. Using design tools like Canva, make a striking presentation or a pitch deck that explains who you are and what you do.

A proper presentation can look professional as well as be highly visually engaging. It can help to win you freelance writing jobs before they are even advertised.

Go local and find work

Dig around and make connections with a few local businesses. There is no doubt some good size companies in your area and many owners still like to work with other local providers.

You can take advantage of your position and local knowledge to earn you some lucrative writing jobs, especially if the company in question has an interest in reaching the local community. Your knowledge and understanding of where you live can give you the edge over other writers.

Use job boards to locate freelance writing gigs

There are hundreds of job boards online so use them to your advantage. Boards like Indeed and Monster can be great resources, providing you with a ton of information about who is hiring and what they are looking for.

Some of these companies may be looking for writers for full-time jobs, but even if this is the case it can still be worth applying.

Maybe they have never considered using a freelancer, or perhaps they haven’t found the right one. It’s your job to show them how they can benefit from outsourcing freelance jobs to a writer.

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Check marketplaces for freelance writing jobs

Tons of companies post ads and advertise biddable jobs on different marketplaces. Check places like Upwork and People per hour for the latest listings of writing jobs.

Sites like GigLeads aggregate jobs from lots of other boards and email them to you direct which can be a huge time saver. Leaving you free to focus on the writing jobs you have earned without spending all your valuable time looking for the next gig.

Start your own blog

A great way to showcase your talents and demonstrate your skills is by starting your own blog. You can write original pieces or upload work you have provided for clients so that it can be viewed by people seeking a freelance writer for work.

It can act as a portfolio that will show off your expertise when applying for freelance writing jobs.

Paid advertising for freelance writing jobs

If you have some money to spend you may want to find freelance writing jobs quickly by using paid ads. There are a huge number of places where digital advertising can be bought, social media channels, online forums, and search ads to name a few.

If you decide to market your freelance writing services this way then it can be worth using an ads specialist so you are not wasting money. However, you may be able to attract freelance jobs on an inbound marketing basis using this method.

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One of the most powerful ways to finds freelance writing jobs and market your services is by is word of mouth. It’s a fact that people trust referrals from their friends and peers so ask people to talk about you in a positive way.

Some of your friends and family members most likely work for a company or a business that will need content or copywriting from time to time, so get them to throw your name into the hat the next time an opportunity for a freelance writing job comes around.

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Promote on social media

We can’t leave out trusty social media. While it seems like advice that is a bit tired – social media seems to be touted as the solution to any form of promotion or business marketing – but the truth is it works.

Pick your platform and make sure that your audience is on the same channel and use it to provide tips, connect with companies, and make yourself known. Depending on the platform chosen you can share work and the latest blogs from freelance writing jobs you have recently completed.

Network for freelance writing jobs

Attend meetings, online and offline, and discover paid freelance writing jobs and opportunities by networking. Meetings that have potential clients all in one place are worth their weight in gold and can give you the chance to connect face-to-face.

Networking can be done online too using tools like Linkedin or business forums to get the word out. Sometimes you may find freelance writing jobs are advertised in places like Facebook groups, and never make it to mainstream job boards.

Use traditional marketing methods

While it may not be ‘cool’ anymore, traditional marketing still has power all of its own and can be an effective way of promoting your freelance writing services.

Traditional marketing simply means anything that’s non-digital, ads in a local newspaper, mail out, and flyers all fall under the scope of traditional marketing methods. As most freelance writers focus their efforts online this can be an effective way of letting companies know you exist and are looking for freelance writing work.

Final words

While there are many ways to connect with businesses and decision-makers, most freelance writing jobs are found by using a mix of marketing methods. Relying on a single marketing channel may not yield the best results, nor will it reach a large segment of your chosen audience.

Attracting the best freelance writing jobs is often made easier by selecting a niche that you want to target like Saas companies or financial services. This is simpler to understand than advertising that your write for ‘everyone’.

It will also allow you to present yourself as a specialist in that particular field, which means you may be first in line for any freelance writing jobs that companies need.

GigLeads is a job search and productivity platform to help writers and freelancers find work quickly. Daily email alerts, member profiles, and more. Learn more about Gigleads