You’re not a freelance writer; you’re a problem solver!

If you operate as a freelance writer, you may find yourself as a problem solver more often than not.

Being a freelance writer leads to opportunities in many areas. You could be providing copywriting for websites, long and short-form articles, or even writing reviews or ebooks.

With the number of blogs, websites, papers, articles, and books being published on the internet on a daily basis there is no shortage of freelance writing work out there.

There are multiple areas in which you can use your skills and talents but above all, you are a problem solver! 

You may not have considered that was your role entirely, but read on and see how your ability to address problems aligns with your client’s needs.

Finding paid opportunities

freelance writer problem solver

Creating a pipeline of paid work and building relationships with clients is at the core of your success as a writer. Generating income from providing well-written copy is the foundation of your business.

While you may be looking enough to have found clients from your own efforts many of us use job search platforms or gig sites to supplement income.

GigLeads is a job platform and productivity tool for freelance writers that helps with the search for new business and clients. This dedicated site and platforms like it can be useful when it comes to sourcing new jobs. 

Identifying need

identify needs

Once you have found your client it is time to find out what they need. This is where your problem-solving abilities come in.

Many writers like to use a fact-finding form that gives an outline of the client, their business, and what their short and long term goals are.

From that, a strategy can be devised to address their content needs.

Decisions like, number of blogs, targeted keywords, and word-count per article will need to be determined before crafting articles or copy.

It is important to understand and set expectations early-on for you to be as efficient as possible.

Demonstrate expertise

expert problem solving

You may find at this point that you have to ‘lead’ your client a little bit. Along with the initial discovery of information and the basic decisions you have already agreed on, you might need to suggest some ideas.

Remember, your client is coming to you to handle something that they can’t or don’t have time for so they are depending on you.

Don’t be frightened to make suggestions, pitch new ideas, or share your thoughts.

Execute with reliability


It is a well documented saying that ‘80% of success is showing up’ and there is a lot of truth to that.

Many business relationships or sales leads simply fall by the wayside due to a lack of follow up.

Execute your writing orders in an efficient and timely manner and your client will appreciate your dedication and professionalism.

Not to mention that it instantly makes you better than a large number of the other writers out there.

Add value where possible

value added solutions

While doing work for free isn’t on most freelancer’s agenda (we would be out of business!), there are many ways you can add value without it costing anything.

  • Always answer the phone
  • Respond to emails
  • Deliver work on schedule
  • Adhere to style guides
  • Stick to agreed pricing

None of these listed items cost you anything and they go along way to winning your client’s confidence in your as a provider and trusted partner.

Question with confidence

questions for problem solving

There will be times that you need to clarify the information by asking questions of your client.

Bear in mind that they may not always know the answer and you will have to lean on your own experience.

While question asking is good, be aware of doing it too much. Your client has hired you to fix their problems, not to create more.

They don’t want to stop what they are doing every 2 minutes to respond to your queries, or worse, to reassure you.

So try and keep questions pertinent and as short as possible. 

Solve the problem

solve the problem

Clients seek outside help because they have a problem that they need solving. They don’t care that you are ‘keen’ or ‘willing to work’, those things are already at least assumed if not expected.

What they really care about is that that they have a problem and they want to know if you can solve it. So show them that you can.

Demonstrate your ability, efficiency, and dependability and show your client they can rely on you.

Take ownership of the work you are performing and in time your client will know that you are an asset that they cannot live without.

Being a problem solver is a great way to secure ongoing business.

Final Words

Once you have won over your customer with your problem-solving abilities you can almost bet that more business will come your way. Either from the client you are working with or their business connections.

It’s worth remembering that most companies do not choose to outsource their work to get someone operating in the typical ‘employee’ mode – they can get that in-house.

You have been hired as a service provider and yes, overall, as a problem solver. 


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