Elevate your Google ranking with Effective Keywords

To elevate your Google ranking and get found in search results you need to know what your objectives are. It is important to know who your audience is, where they are, and how to reach them.

A good understanding of these criteria will ensure that you have a successful Keyword Planning campaign for your blog. Let us take a look at what keyword research is.

Understanding Keyword Research

Keyword research is the careful research of specific or alternative search terms that people enter into search engines when they are looking for a service, product, or other information.

Keyword research is done by SEO (search engine optimization) professionals, and bloggers who want to rank high on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), this article will offer suggestions on how to elevate your Google ranking.

Why To Select Keywords BEFORE Writing Your Blog

elevate your google ranking

Bloggers should consider keyword research as the first step in optimizing their blog site, without proper keyword research, you will be left with an underperforming website and will never rise up the Google ranks.

When going head to head with large and established players in your industry you need to be able to compete. There are many reasons why you should select relevant keywords before writing your blog.

  • Relevant keywords help you stay organized and focused on your blog content strategy.
  • Selecting your keywords before writing your blog increases your chance of SEO success.
  • Curating the right keywords for your blog will prevent wasting time on wrong promotion strategies, writing about the wrong topics or working with the wrong influencers.
  • Website ranking will improve because relevant keyword selection is an ingredient that will boost your blog’s rank on the SERPs.

The importance of the correct keywords cannot be underestimated. Careful planning on the front end removes the guesswork from your SEO objectives.

This process involves effective brainstorming and making use of available research tools in other to target the best results.

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Targeted Keywords to elevate your Google ranking

Keyword research is important for your blog optimization. You need to plan your SEO campaign to identify good target phrases.

This will help you target the keywords you are most likely to get traffic for and help you to learn what your competitors are doing.

Create a list of relevant topics that are related to your website or blog. match the list with relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

To elevate your Google ranking perform research on the related terms that appear on Google’s search suggestions. Look for a mix of subject and long-tail keywords.

Make use of keyword planning tools such as Google Adwords planner or Bing keyword tool to narrow down your keyword list. Monitor your competition and find out they rank for those keywords.

  • Choose keywords and keyword terms related to the blog subject.
  • Search engines make use of an IQS (internal Quality System) algorithm to check for the relevance of the keyword to the website. A non-relevant keyword will not rank your site correctly on the result page.
  • Highly competitive keywords will be harder to rank for on first page results, while keywords that have no searches at all will bring no traffic.
  • Making use of related and long-tail keywords can be an effective strategy.

How to Find Keywords to elevate your Google ranking

find keywords for higher google ranking

Some tools you can use to help with your searches are –

Optimizing your blog for the most relevant keywords will help you in achieving search results. A good tactic is to search for related keywords in your specific area or niche that have low competition with a high volume of searches.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bing Keyword planner
  • Adwords Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google related searches (bottom of the Google search results page)

Keywords Research Example

Now we have the tools with which to find our keywords let’s look at an example for a Mum’s weight loss site based in the UK. A popular and competitive keyword on Google’s search engine is ‘lose weight.’ It has 460,000,000 search results.

This means that millions of blogs and websites are competing to rank for that particular keyword.

For your site to compete with those numbers we will need to get creative. We need to find possible related word combinations that are related to ‘lose weight’ but that are relevant to our site.

For example, ‘Shed Weight’ has a lower number at 31,000,000 results, but it shares the same meaning as, ‘Lose Weight’ and is much less competitive.

From here we can expand our search to find related terms and make them more specific to our site. This keyword combination narrows our search results to 930,000. Still high but much less competitive on a global level.

This gives you a better opportunity to rank in results for the search term.

Improve your Google ranking with Keyword research tips

keyword research
  • Choose quality over quantity when it comes to keyword researching
  • Do not use broad single word terms, your target will be very generic, and there is too much competition.
  • Don’t use keywords that are too lengthy you don’t want to narrow your results too much. Limiting you to low performing keywords
  • Organic search traffic is still the most coveted form of traffic medium for bloggers, advertising agencies and companies.
  • Keyword research does have an end, meaning that there is never an all-perfect way of carrying out keyword research.
  • Long-tail keywords no longer trend
  • It’s important to spy on your competitor every time.

This process will help you to elevate your Google ranking and drive higher traffic to your website.

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