Best gig jobs for freelance writers and bloggers

One of the most popular ways for freelance writers to make money is by performing gig jobs – individual tasks or assignments that pay on completion.

This is an alternative to the usual contract or employee model of business operations.

Gig jobs have become the standard for hiring and utilizing freelance workers and GigLeads strives to source the best possible opportunities for writers and content creators.

Finding the best gig jobs

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Locating the best jobs can be tricky. While there are a mutitude of platforms out available there is a contingent of job posters that want something for nothing.

In the case of freelance writers for example, sometimes listing a gig or job that pays as little as 1p per work.

This is usually just not feasible, not to mention by the time commissions or fees have been paid it means that the work is performed practically for free.

Thankfully there are also a good number of business-minded users that understand the concept of ‘getting what you pay for’ who are prepared to list their job or gig at a realistic, or sometimes even generous rate.

Platforms for gig jobs

Now we know that there is an abundance of gig style jobs out there, where are the best ones located? There are a lot of platforms you can try each with its own structure.

Meaning that for connecting you with paying clients most platforms will charge for the service in one form or another. These are costs that are paid by the freelancer, but some platforms also charge the client too. Meaning the platform can effectively get paid from both sides.

Fees can be in the form of:

  • Commissions paid on work performed
  • Fixed charged per job
  • Bidding fees
  • Bidding connects or credits
  • Charges for job posts
  • Proposal fees

Before signing up to any of the gig work or job platforms check their rates and commission percentages so you know what you are getting into.

GigLeads platform operates on a flat monthly fee to keep costs as low as possible for freelance writers and bloggers

Available platforms for freelancers

freelance work platforms

Once you have checked commission rates and other fees there are plenty of platforms for you to investigate. Some have a wide range or paying jobs while other specialize in gigs purely for writers or tech.

Upwork – international platform with a wide range of gigs

Freelancer UK – the UK arm of an international platform with all jobs but with a heavy emphasis on tech

Worksome – newer fixed rate per job platform

YunoJuno – freelance platform for creative and tech users

Guru – international gig site covering a wide range of categories

TopTal – worldwide platform that promises the top 3% of talent

GigLeads – flat per-month fee for jobs sourced online and delivered in daily email alerts. Focuses on writers and content creators.

These are some of the main platforms available but there are plenty of others. A quick search on Google will yield results for your country or area of specialty.

How much work is available?

Since the freelance and gig economy has seen a boom in recent years there is an abundance of jobs no matter which freelance platform you decide to use.

That said, it makes sense to align yourself with a job or gig platform that fits your needs.

For technical freelancers like programmers or developers, platforms like Guru or Upwork may best.

For writers and content creators GigLeads focusses on sourcing jobs of that type for its users.

Can I make a living from freelance writing gigs?

make a living from freelancing

Absolutely. And many people do. Writing, creating content or copywriting is currently in high demand.

With the growing number of blogs out there and businesses realizing that it is a viable way to connect with customers, demand is only increasing.

Making a living as a full-time writer is a career path that has been taken by many freelancers.

Being able to work from home, or remotely from any other location is appealing to entrepreneurs, as well as the ability to perform work on a schedule to suit.

Final words

Finding the best platform that provides the gigs or jobs that you need can be the key to operating successfully as a freelancer.


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