Am I qualified enough to be a blogger?

If you have considered becoming a blogger and are wondering if you are qualified to be one, then this article should help.

Almost any topic that you type into a search engine will return information on a selection of blogs that speak to the query you entered.

People have taken to the internet in large numbers with the intention of starting a blog and sharing their knowledge or opinions with the world.

Blogging for many has become a popular pastime, or in many cases, a viable business platform.

People use their blogs to not only share information but to drive their audience toward paid products or services, effectively turning their blog into an income generator.

Those that collaborate, spread the word, and successfully reach a wide audience report lucrative earnings.

But is blogging played out? With so many out there on every topic imaginable is it still possible to get a foothold.

am i qualified to be a blogger

Yes, it is.

Even though the technical side of blogging has become more refined over the years with SEO and platforms like WooCommerce, it is still possible to design your own blog and gain a following.

What if I am not qualified to be a blogger?

If you have toyed with the idea of starting your own blog but don’t feel that you quite have the tech knowledge or skills needed, then don’t worry. 

Being qualified to be a blogger is not something that takes a whole slew of exams or courses.

Many often experience this kind of anxiety before they take the plunge and set up a blog of their own. 

If you are plagued by ‘what if’s’ then you can set them aside as they are largely unfounded.

Why? Well, it may surprise you to know that you are probably already qualified to be a blogger.

There are no special skills or qualifications required to begin a blog of your own.

While a command of the English language can be helpful and some idea of how to write a compelling article will be useful, there are no official credentials needed to get started.

The most important ingredient is having a voice.

A unique angle or special knowledge to share can be enough for you to be qualified as a blogger.

blogger qualifications

What kind of things can I blog about?

Many bloggers simply write to offer their own perspective on an issue or a lifestyle.

Some write about fashion or current events. Others discuss finance or teach their management skills to their audience.

Whatever you want to write about there is a niche for you.

Some popular blogging niches are:-









These are just a few examples, but there are literally hundreds of choices available for your own blogging niche.

how can i become a good blogger

You may be worried about having the necessary site-building skills but creating your own self-hosted blog is relatively easy.

There are services out there that will make your blog set up as easy as a few mouse clicks.

I would urge you to go with a self-hosted WordPress site. It will benefit you in the long run.

Being qualified to be a blogger and writing about a subject doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know every single thing about it.

You should have some knowledge of the subject at hand and be able to offer an original perspective.

When should I start my blog?

There is no right time to start your own blog, and you may feel like you don’t know enough to be a qualified blogger or expert on the subject matter.

These are normal fears to have, but the reality is that there are no blogging qualifications that you must have to set up your own blog.

You might be surprised at how many people consider you an expert or turn to you for help when you manage a blog of your own.

Once you are blogging on a regular basis you can widen your audience and reach out to more people.

reaching an audience

Take a look at the thousands of other bloggers out there.

Some do have specialized qualifications, but many do not and they are still operating a successful blog.

Do I need special qualifications to be a blogger?

Learning about things like how to format and write creatively will stand you in good stead as you embark on your blogging journey. 

To get up to speed there are a massive amount of established bloggers that are willing to share their knowledge and document what they have learned along the way.

These resources are invaluable to the new blogger as they help to reduce the learning curve.

Once you get started, it will be useful to educate yourself about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is needed to help your pages rank high in Google search results. 

All these things are lessons that you will learn along the way.

Sharing your thoughts and experiences by creating content, reaching your audience, and building your community will be the primary focus.

If you don’t feel qualified to be a blogger, use a freelancer

If you have been thinking about starting your blog and are worried that you are not a good writer then you can always outsource to a freelancer.

Finding one that can write in your tone of voice will be essential but you can source many freelancers from services like Upwork or PeoplePerHour.

use a freelancer

Being able to do your own writing is preferable as it gives you more control but if that’s really not your thing then outsourcing can be the way to go.

You would be surprised how many well-known or successful blogs are actually ghostwritten — penned by another writer under the blogger’s name.

Outsourcing is also used regularly for a number of other tasks like SEO, backlink building, or the creation of custom graphics.

Highly successful bloggers that have huge traffic often find that they have no option other than to outsource certain tasks due to time constraints.

If your blog grows that large it can be a necessity.

So, if you have been wanting to start a blog of your own and have been questioning your ability or aptitude, put those thoughts aside.

I am not saying that ‘everyone’ should start a blog, but being qualified to be a blogger doesn’t take any specific qualifications. So there should be nothing stopping you.

As long as you have the urge to create your own blog and share your knowledge with others you should follow that dream. 

You may find that you can make money from your blog, and at the very least, I promise you, you will enjoy the journey!

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