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Ai tools for copywriters. Should we use them?

Ai tools for copywriters are on the increase. A quick search of the internet multiple writing tools that promise to automate copy for blog articles, pay-per-click ads, and product descriptions.

There has been a lot of debate in the copywriting community recently over whether or not writers should be using Ai copywriting tools, with both sides having valid points to make.

AI writing tools can easily and quickly create content that matches the style and tone of your brand, this can make it a great time-saver when you need several different pieces of content and are up against tight deadlines.

However, some writers have concerns about the formatting being sloppy and possible copyright issues when it comes to using pre-written content.

As a result, it’s up to each individual copywriter to decide whether they feel comfortable using these tools or not.

But with the recent rise in Ai writing platforms, it looks as though the technology is here to stay.

What are Ai tools for copywriters?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is a computer system that can complete human tasks.

Often, these tasks are things that people would consider too complex for a machine to handle alone.

It is important to note that while artificial intelligence and machine learning may seem like similar concepts, they aren’t quite on par with one another yet.

Artificial intelligence does not replace humans. Instead, it works in conjunction with them and allows more time to focus on other jobs while simple or repetitive tasks are turned into automated processes in a streamlined and capable fashion.

This is great news for professional copywriters who could benefit from an assist with their work by using artificial intelligence.

With so many business processes coming under fire because of new technologies, taking action now and adopting Ai technology might serve copywriters well.

Will machines become smarter than humans?

are machines smarter than writers

While there isn’t really any way to directly incorporate Ai into your own body (like Tony Stark), you can still embrace it through your writing.

Which leaves the question of what is meant by Artificial Intelligence in this context?

The ability of a machine to closely imitate intelligent human behavior is pretty powerful stuff. What then can we expect from machines in 10 or even100 years?

It doesn’t take much imagination to look at today’s Ai technology and imagine their capabilities in years to come. ​

There are many opinions about what Ai is capable of doing in our lifetime, with conclusions ranging from nothing to everything.

It’s impossible to know exactly what types of Ai-enhanced apps will exist in 10 years time, but being able to use them professionally is very possible right now.

Today’s computers don’t yet possess superhuman intelligence, but Ai exists inside many systems that you interact with daily.

For example:

  • Google Maps uses predictive traffic algorithms created by MIT students five years ago.
  • Facebook uses an internal language-translation tool based on machine learning algorithms originally created at Carnegie Mellon University 15 years ago.

Why are Ai tools bad For copywriters?

Almost every writer has heard of Artificial Intelligence and the technology is rapidly evolving across all industries, but copywriting might stand to be affected even more than other business sectors.

The Ai revolution will affect us all whether we like it or not. Some view deep learning and neural networks as ingenious, while others claim it undermines humans’ abilities and wreaks havoc on our economy.

That power could easily upend every industry, including copywriting.

Other businesses are also at risk.

An estimated 42% of current jobs are at risk of replacement by automation between 2016 and 2026

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC

While there is some debate over just how much Ai might affect white-collar professions such as those held by artists or writers, PwC’s research revealed almost half (42%) of U.S. workers were vulnerable to automation within decades.

What may change for copywriters?

copywriters software artificial intelligence

New technology means new rules. Copywriters can no longer rely solely on creativity, intellect, experience, and knowledge to succeed with today’s consumers who are inundated with options.

Marketers are fighting tooth and nail for their attention, and burgeoning technology threatens to remove outdated practices.

Ai will only accelerate these trends even faster moving forward but let’s also consider some other points

1) AI isn’t always right

2) Humans will always outthink computer programs alone without human interaction

3) AI may work faster than individuals, but currently, people get results faster than robots.

By studying machine intelligence and adapting accordingly through education and professional development programs, some writers will thrive alongside artificial intelligence rather than be replaced by it.

How Ai tools and Machine Learning can improve copywriting skills?

Machine learning could enable copywriters to produce better results, faster.

At its core, copywriting is data analysis packaged into a digestible and creative form.

Writers determine what language will resonate with your audience, or when you should use a particular tone. Or what specific tactic or call to action will work best in a given situation.

Using machine learning in your business can help you learn from your own successes and failures so that you’re able to test out new marketing campaigns and business models much faster than before.

This can help with improving lead capture, conversion rates, and, customer acquisition across all marketing channels.

ML and AI technologies allow us to create and track more experiments for each project we work on, cutting down drastically on hours spent writing reports.

Automation frees up time that would normally go into editing or reviewing content; allowing writers to spend time pursuing additional projects instead of endlessly rewording headlines until they sound right.

How great would it be if these automated systems allowed copywriters to focus solely on cranking out brilliant content?

Final Words

Critics warn against moving too quickly toward a fully automated world because machines lack empathy and emotional intelligence, qualities that many experts agree are necessary for communication purposes going forward.

In fact, as advances in automation transform many industries over time, Ai tools for copywriters may help rather than hinder those who possess unique skill sets. Writers with unique abilities may find themselves selling those skills as a means of generating income.

Admittedly, AI isn’t perfect yet, even with advanced capabilities and emulation tools. As we continue towards an increasingly automated future, human writers needn’t worry about becoming obsolete just yet.