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Correct. While many sites operate on a credit system for job bidding GigLeads platform operates as a job aggregator and is therefore free from bidding fees and commission charges.

Nothing at all. Once you are a member you can search and apply to any jobs that you want without any extra charges.

You are under no obligation to continue with your membership with GigLeads. You may cancel your account at any time.

Access the account cancellation page directly from your account page or by clicking the link to the cancellation page HERE.

If you need further assistance please send an email to and we will be happy to help.

If you choose to keep your GigLeads account you will be billed the standard monthly fee at the end of the trial period.

This amount will be charged monthly to the card that you sign up with.

If you cancel your account before the trial is completed your account and information will be deleted and no further charges will be made.


Each job posting has an ‘Apply’ button that will provide the email address or the direct link to the application.

Simply sends us details of your job HERE

Once your job listing has been checked and approved it will be added to the GigLeads listings and you will be able to receive applications.

We cannot guarantee a minimum number of jobs the amount may fluctuate due to seasonal variances, holidays, and availability. But typically daily email alerts contain around 20 job listings.

You will receive an email from GigLeads every day of the week containing new writing job listings.

GigLeads began as a service to supply job leads for content writers and copywriters. However, we will soon be adding jobs for graphic designers, social media managers, and website designers.

No limit or restrictions. While you are a member you can apply to as many jobs as you wish.

GigLeads supplies job listings for a broad scope of writers. We have members that are generalists, bloggers, technical writers, content writers, and copywriters. To give you a chance to try GigLeads without any risk we offer a low-cost trial membership HERE.

Job listings are a combination of the best-aggregated writing jobs from top job sites, which are sourced daily and filtered to remove spam.

We source jobs every single day from all over the internet and deliver them to your email inbox and opportunities frequently exceed 20 or more jobs per day.

*Please note there may be times when available job postings reduce dramatically (Xmas for example).


We have an affiliate program that you can take advantage of to get paid for promoting GigLeads on your website, emails, or newsletter. Register for the affiliate program HERE.

From your account dashboard and add your information, pics, and a business card or cover photo to your profile.

Your profile information will be posted to the searchable database.

If you wish to hide your street address or profile information you can choose to do so from your account by toggling the ‘show in directory’ option on/off.

*Inappropriate content may be deleted.

Any changes that you would like to make can be done from your account dashboard. Profile changes can be made using the Profile tab.

Navigate to your Account dashboard and click the ‘Profile’ tab. From there you can check or uncheck the radio button to display or hide your profile information.

On occasion users have experienced a technical issue with the ‘Apply’ link or button failing to load on job ads.

This can usually be resolved by clearing your browser cache and logging back into the GigLeads site.