5 sites with the best UK jobs for copywriters

Finding the best UK jobs for copywriters is not an easy task.

With thousands of writers around it can be tough to source meaningful work and connect with quality clients.

There are a number of websites for sourcing copywriting jobs that can help you find the latest postings.

While job platforms can be an ideal place for finding gigs and paid writing work, the problem is that many are designed to provide listings for counties outside of the United Kingdom.

Which can leave UK-based writers a bit out in the cold. So where can copywriters looking for the best UK jobs go to find work?

Fortunately, there are websites that cater to UK copywriters and we have listed some of these best ones here.

GigLeads – best UK jobs for writers

jobs for uk copywriters

We may be slightly biased, but GigLeads is one of the top resources for finding the best UK jobs. It provides the latest jobs for copywriters who are seeking the latest freelance, remote, and full-time jobs from local and national companies.

The site focuses on providing the best UK jobs exclusively for copywriters and content writers and offers free profile pages and a directory to its members.

Paid account owners can list their skills and experience, showcase their work, and receive the best UK jobs for a monthly fee. Contact information and social media pages can be added and potential clients can search and contact copywriters directly.

To smooth the job search process and save time GigLeads sends all the latest listings in a daily email right to your inbox, saving time searching dozens of sites looking for copywriting work.

People Per Hour – best UK jobs for all industries

Another site that caters to UK copywriters is People Per Hour. While this can be an excellent source of writing work, it does not focus on copywriting exclusively. People Per Hour lists jobs for writers, programmers, admin, accounting staff, and lots of other areas.

Bidding can be competitive but signing up for an account allows users 15 credits a month to bid on proposals. If more credits are needed they can be purchased for a fee.

One of the nice features about People Per Hour is that it allows account holders to create bespoke packages offering their skills as a paid task in a similar manner to Fiverr.

Upwork – jobs for copywriters and more

jobs for uk freelancers

Upwork has been around a long time and is one of the most popular sites used by freelancers looking for work. This is also a site that goes beyond simply providing copywriting jobs and users can find work in all sorts of industries.

It does not focus primarily on the UK, but jobs can be filtered only to that country by using a convenient toggle switch next to the search bar. Copywriters seeking work can view only UK jobs and search by keyword.

Proposals will need to be submitted and Upwork also works on a purchased credit system with jobs costing varying amounts to bid. Payment is handled via an approval and escrow system to protect both seller and buyer.

Worksome – new freelance job site

One of the newer freelance sites that provide jobs for companies around the world for copywriters, and other freelancers is Worksome. Their platform lists numerous job postings for all kinds of work and works on a commission system.

Freelancers and job posters can negotiate payment terms, choosing from hourly, monthly, or by project, and fees are charged at a flat 4%. Worksome promises to connect buyers with specialised and highly skilled freelancers that provide quality services. UK copywriters may be able to find suitable jobs using the platform.

GigLeads is a job search and productivity platform to help writers and freelancers find work quickly. Daily email alerts, member profiles, and more. Learn more about Gigleads

Other sites that provide jobs for UK copywriters

Along with the larger or more specialised freelance marketplaces, UK copywriters may find jobs on some of the smaller sites.

Try places like :

  • ProCopywriters – for freelance copywriters
  • Problogger – mainly USA but some UK and remote positions
  • YunoJuno – UK based for all creatives, pitched as an alternative to agencies

There may also be opportunities listed on traditional websites, try sites like Indeed, Simply Hired, and Careerbuilder to locate UK copywriting jobs.

Other things to consider

Finding the best UK jobs as a copywriter can mean that you are up against some pretty stiff competition, so building up your bio and reputation will help you to share your talents and expertise.

Anything that you can do to set yourself apart from the thousands of other copywriters in the UK will work in your favour. Reviews, testimonials, videos, and building your presence on social media can all be helpful.

There are a number of dedicated groups and forums for copywriters available online and many copywriters frequently find the best UK jobs from places like Facebook groups.

Final words

While it is true that there are literally thousands of freelance copywriters out there, it should also be remembered that there are a high number of jobs too. Businesses that need copywriters to provide copywriting services for social accounts, websites, ad copy, and landing pages are always on the lookout for quality writers.

Providing work that is of a high standard and having supporting skills like SEO, or keyword research are all tools that can identify as more than just the average copywriter, so make full use of these.

To find quality writing and content creation jobs go to www.gigleads.uk