31 job sites to end feast/famine cycle for writers

Find the best job sites for content writers and never be without work again.

If you work as a writer, whether freelance, self-employed or remotely, then you may experience the feast/famine work cycle from time to time.

Riding the line between having LOTS of work, and having ZERO work. which can leave you feeling somewhere between overwhelmed and frustrated and with no sense of balance or organisation.

Trying to locate work and find new clients isn’t always a lot of fun, especially when you are starting out, and if you don’t know where to get paying gigs, it can be stressful.

Having the right connections and resources to find jobs can make all the difference, and keep work coming in

Here are some resources to help break the feast-famine cycle.

Leverage your contacts to ask for content writing work





If they come up dry, there are still some other ways to source content writing jobs and knowing where a few ‘go to’ places are to look for your next paid gig will be useful.

Job sites for content writers are a good place to start, and there are plenty to choose from online. Just a quick search will reveal some of the bigger sites, but digging a bit deeper often means finding lesser-known gems.

Smaller or industry-targeted sites frequently can provide fantastic jobs that have not been widely advertised, leading to some well-paid writing opportunities.

Big job sites for content writers




If the big job sites seem ultra-competitive then there are some smaller but well-established job sites for content writers where it may be easier to gain a foothold. Some of these sites have a decent section that offer writing gigs –


­čö╣Freelance Writing Jobs


UK-based job sites for content writers

uk job site for writers

If you are living in the UK it can be sometimes tough to source work that is specific to your own country. Many sites focus a global client base, and for UK content writers who are looking for jobs, that can mean heavy competiton.

Job sites that cater to the UK freelance market only are not that common, so if you are living in the Uk and are looking for freelance writing jobs these sites should be able to help.

­čö╣People per hour

­čö╣Remote Worker


­čö╣Freelancer UK

Job sites for new content writers

When you are starting new as a writer, getting your first few gigs can be challenging, so sites that encourage applications from unseasoned writers can be very helpful.





If you are setting yourself up as a blogger, then there are some sites that can help you find businesses to write for –


­čö╣Writer Access


if content writing is more your thing, whether you are operating as a generalist or specialising, try these niche job sites for content writers –

­čö╣Content Writing Jobs

­čö╣Constant Content



Jobs sites for industry content writers

If your writing capabilities mean that you prefer to write for large publications, then perhaps media writing is your thing.



Finance, cryptocurrency, and fintech are all big business sectors, with a high demand for writers who understand the market and economics of the industry.

Finance writing job sites-



Available writing jobs are in abundance if you know where to look. Search online and find local sites, regional publications, or smaller, less well-known job boards.

Other job sites to try


­čö╣Freelance Writers Den

­čö╣Writers Work

Non-content writer-specific sites

Writing jobs can be found everywhere, so once in a while, remember to search the large job boards or scour Linkedin for available gigs.



­čö╣Gumtree (UK)

Building a consistent pipeline is the key to keeping work coming in and revenue flowing. Send proposals and pitches regularly and present your services to potential customers.

Make connections, they may not pay off immediately, but they will in the long run.

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