12 Content marketing tips for UK freelance writers

Getting ahead of the crowd isn’t always easy, and in a super-competitive field like content writing tiny details can make all the difference.

Fortunately, there are some hot content marketing techniques that will help UK freelance writers sizzle and stand out from the competition and find more work.

From creating killer headlines to practising SEO, to developing share-worthy content, these tips will help you get noticed and make a lasting impression.

1. Create pillar content 

Pillar content is content that can be consistently produced and published. It’s the foundation of your company or brand.

When you build Pillar Content, you’re not only giving your business a strong presence online and in people’s minds, but smart UK freelance writers can use it to form the basis of a content cluster.

Pillar content, when done right, will remain relevant for years to come and will provide a consistent source of traffic. 

2. Repurpose content

Once you’ve created your content, you should repurpose it in as many ways as possible.

There is a huge amount of mileage that savvy freelance writers can gain from a single piece of work.

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