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Jobs posted directly to GigLeads, and listings sourced from reputable sites all over the internet.

How it Works

Save Hours Searching

We help you spend your valuable time writing instead of searching. We do the hard work and save you hours scrolling through job listings on endless websites.

Verified Job Listings

GigLeads sources, searches, and filters thousands of writing jobs daily and checks every single one to verify quality before posting to the GigLeads site.

Daily Email Alerts

Get job alert emails send Monday to Friday containing the latest very latest job listings from top quality companies. Saving you even more time. Click and apply.

Jobs Sourced For You

You didn't become a writer or freelancer to spend hours online searching for work. We handle that for you by aggregating the best possible jobs from all over the internet.

Maximize Your Time

As a freelancer, performing work to get paid is the lifeblood of your business. GigLeads maximizes your working hours so you can focus on what matters and increase your revenue.

Retain More Income

Jobs obtained through the platform are between you and the hiring party. GigLeads does not charge any commission for work performed or fees to bid on jobs. Meaning you keep more in your pocket.

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What other writers are saying

James A
James AContent Creator

I disliked paying expensive commissions on my work. GigLeads solved that problem for me.

Laura H
Laura HCopywriter

I have gained several writing jobs and a few new clients from GigLeads. I think it's a great idea.

Steph L
Steph LEntrepreneur

Great to see a job platform dedicated to writers. Saves a lot of time searching through listings on multiple sites.

Kyra W
Kyra WBlogger

I have applied for a few jobs now from the platform. It is very easy to use and I like that jobs are updated every day.

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